Be part of a vibrant group dedicated to improving English Language teaching/learning at all levels

All English language teachers (including retired teachers) from schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions are welcome to be members of BELTA. Also welcome are ELT teacher trainers, administrators, curriculum developers, materials writers, researchers, publishers and others concerned with matters relating to English Language and its use in Bangladesh.

As A BELTA Member You Will Be Entitled To

  • A free Newsletter three times a year (filled with ELT information, tips on teaching, news of ELT events at home and abroad, and much more)
  • Priority of enrolment at teacher development programmes
  • Reduced rates for attending BELTA seminars and conferences
  • Right to vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Right to hold office in the Executive Committee
  • Right to organize local or regional ELT events under the BELTA banner

Membership Fees

  • Individual: Tk 500
  • Life-time: Tk 3000
  • Annual Renewal : Tk 200