BELTA Overview

Overview of BELTA

With its wealth of resources and expertise, the Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association (BELTA) plays a vital role in enhancing English language education in Bangladesh. BELTA is not merely an association; it is a dynamic, non-profit organisation driven by the noble aim of elevating the standard of English language instruction across the nation. This goal is pursued through a multifaceted approach involving professional development, the promotion of networks, a commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and the integration of cutting-edge research into teaching methodologies.

At the heart of BELTA's philosophy is the establishment of a supportive atmosphere that fosters the growth and improvement of ELT professionals. This is achieved through meticulously organised workshops, seminars, and conferences designed to serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and professional growth. These events do more than just disseminate information; they encourage educators to collaborate and form networks, ensuring the establishment of a vibrant community bound by the shared purpose of enhancing English language education. The association's active participation in policy dialogue underscores its advocacy role, aiming to place English language education at the forefront of the national educational agenda.

Understanding the global aspects of English language education, BELTA extends its reach beyond national borders by establishing strong connections with international ELT organizations. This global perspective not only enriches local teaching practices with international insights but also contributes to the global discourse on ELT. By focusing on enhancing teaching standards, BELTA indirectly but significantly enhances the learning experiences of students in Bangladesh.

BELTA's Mission

To link, support, and develop English language teaching professionals throughout the country, leading to improved teaching/learning and subsequent capacity building at all levels.